Saudi Arabia, stop treating women as minors!

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7 July 2017 UPDATE: In a promising development, the King of Saudi Arabia has issued a royal order which should put an end to the practice of women being required to obtain their male guardian's consent to obtain state services, for example opening a bank account or filing a lawsuit. Governmental institutions are completing their three month review period for services which do not require a guardian's consent. We are consulting with our partners in Saudi Arabia on the implementation of the royal order and continue to call for a complete end to the male guardianship system so women will no longer be banned from driving, or need a guardian's permission to travel alone or to marry. 


Not being able to drive, not being able to study in certain universities or travel abroad without a male guardian’s approval, and still not being able to freely choose when or whom to marry. As Saudi Prince Alawaleed recently noted, "They are all unjust acts, by a traditional society, far more restrictive than what is lawfully allowed by the precepts of religion." This is the plight of Saudi women and girls under the existing male guardianship system – and they are tired of it. Saudi women want their rights, and they are directly petitioning the King for action! 

TAKE ACTION! Please support Saudi women by helping us renew the call in our campaign to end the male guardianship system! 

Though the government claims that women have the right to make their own decisions about their lives, in reality it’s not true. Despite some positive steps to lessen guardians’ control over women – a law criminalizing domestic violence, 30 women appointed to the Shura Council and allowing women to vote and run as candidates in the municipal council elections – Saudi women and girls are still considered minors under the perpetual control of their male guardians. And that guardian could be their husband, brother, uncle or even a son younger than themselves.

Join us today in calling on the King and Minister of Justice to establish laws that treat women and girls as equals in Saudi society and culture.  

Please call on the Saudi government to ensure that the legal and judicial system actually reflects the government’s claim that women are not subject to male guardianship, but rather have the right to make their own decisions about their education, health care, travel, work and other aspects of daily life.  

Thank you for your activism!

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